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The Expansive Thinking process helps teams increase their performance and unlock their collective intelligence.

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Expansive Thinking gets your team to think - and act - differently.

Build Psychological Safety

Expansive Thinking removes the fear of negative judgment about speaking up by always finding a great part of the idea from which to build further.

Create a Positive & Open Environment

Expansive Thinking removes the criticism and the "that won't work" mentality. Instead, it facilitates a positive mindset that is open and excited about new possibilities.

Unlock Exponential Intelligence from the Team

Individual intelligence can only get a team so far. With all team members working together to contribute their best, the output can be exponential.

How Does Expansive Thinking Work?

Expansive Thinking is an exploration process focused on facilitating the collective intelligence of the team to emerge. Each idea shared in the group is connected to the last idea, “stacking” ideas on top of each other to collectively build something new and meaningful.

The 3 Phases of Expansive Thinking Success

Starting The Team Off Right

Help to set your team up for success before they start collaborating by making sure you have the right team in place and the right environment for success.

Using Expansive Thinking To Open Possibilities

Expansive Thinking is an active, collaborative, forward-moving exploration process where your team re-imagines challenges and expands the realm of possible innovative solutions.

Transforming Expansive Thinking Into Action

Expansive Thinking takes into account when the exploration phase is over and how to bring dreams back to reality. The team stays high performing and agile through execution.

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Expansive Thinking vs. Other Team Methods

Expansive Thinking

Exponential Power

Every contribution adds new insights, depth, and nuance to expand possibilities.
1 + 1 = exponential!

More & Better Ideas

New ideas emerge as a direct result of the conversation as it happens live.

Unique Stacking Method

Team members contribute brand new thoughts based on others' contributions.

The Others


Working together to exchange information and get tasks accomplished.
1 + 1 = 2 process.


Working together to create solutions and next steps.
The loudest voice wins.


Working together to create solutions and next steps.
1 + 1 = 3, at best


How You as a Leader Can Cultivate Expansive Thinking 

Read our headline article in Developing Leaders Quarterly, the magazine that identifies the best and most usable cutting edge research and distills it into ready-to-action Ideas for the real world.

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Meet The Expansive Thinking Team

Lisa Christen

Lisa Christen

Zurich, Switzerland

Lisa is an Executive Coach and the CEO of Christen Coaching & Consulting GmbH. She specializes in 21st century leadership and the human skills needed in the digital era. Lisa is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Coaching McLean / Harvard Medical School. She has been featured in news outlets such as CNN Money, Forbes, Thrive Gloval, and Coaching World.


Rolf Pfeiffer

Frankfurt, Germany

Rolf is a managing partner of Bernotat & Cie - a Merryck company. He is a global executive development leader and executive coach, having worked with leaders from all continents. His 11 years at the Center for Creative Leadership have made him an expert in helping leaders rapidly achieve breakthrough ideas. Rolf is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Coaching McLean / Harvard Medical School.

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